Rules & Regulations

1) GENERAL: These Local Rules are to be treated not contrary to the International Rules of Golf; but complimentary since the development of the Golf Course is still underway. So certain concessions are imperative. Points not covered here shall only be covered under the Rules by R&A or USGA.

2)THROUGH THE GREENS a. Preferred lie: Through the Green (not in the Hazards), a ball may be picked, cleaned and placed within ONE CLUB LENGTH, not nearer to the hole. The number of picks permitted shall be 4, 3 & 2 respectively for Par 5, Par 4 & Par 3. It is suggested that the ball location is marked before lifting. If the player deems his ball to be unplayable even after availing a preferred lie, he may play under the rule “Ball Unplayable” with a penalty of one stroke:

a. Currently Sand Bunkers, Water Bodies and some enclosed areas within Tree clusters marked with Red Stakes are Hazards. When in hazards, prohibited actions and Relief when ball is unplayable or lost are explained in Latest “Rules of Golf” 13-4 and 26-1.
b. A Ball in the Sand Bunker is to be played as it is. Pebbles or stones may be removed only if they come in the way of swing.
c. A Player is requested to level the Sand Bunker after the shot to avoid problems for the succeeding players as the succeeding players may not get any relief if this is not done. LATERAL WATER HAZARDS - DEEMED: Enclosed area within marked tree-clusters alongside certain fairways and ESAs shall be deemed as Lateral Water Hazards. These areas are bounded by RED markings. Markings also are within the Hazard. A Ball entering these areas is to be played as if in a lateral water hazard. PROHIBITED ACTIONS when ball is in a Hazard are detailed in Rule 13-4 of R&A. Players may exercise any of the following options when a ball is hit into or lies in these areas:
[A] Play the ball as it lies, without forcing any improvement in the stance, swing or lie.
[B] Under penalty of a stroke, play a ball from the spot where it was originally hit from.
[C] Under Penalty of a stroke, play the ball from the fairway where the ball appears to have crossed the Hazard Line and within TWO CLUB-LENGTHS from that Hazard Line, and not nearer the hole than the point where the ball last crossed the margin of the hazard.
[D] Under penalty of a stroke, play from any distance not nearer to the hole, behind the hazard line keeping a straight line between the hole, the spot where the ball last crossed the margin of the hazard and the spot on which the ball is to be played. A player may move to an adjacent fairway also while applying this Rule.

a. On Greens, it is courteous for one to mark the Ball.
b. Don’t move, talk or stand close to a player making a stroke.
c. Disturbing the turf on line of putt is not permitted. Loose impediments can be removed.
d. Replace the flagstick carefully.
e. Always play without delay. Invite faster groups to play through.

5) MARKERS Distance Posts: Yellow-100 Yards, White-150 Yards and Blue-200 Yards from the green center. Margins & Bounds: Yellow-Water Hazard, Red- Lateral Hazard, White - Out of Bounds.